New website launch

New website launch
August 28, 2017 Rees Group Pty Ltd

Exciting times ahead

It’s with great delight that after 9 months of planning, we’re announcing the launch of our freshly revamped website

We feel it truly reflects our individual service offering to clients rather than the traditional stock photos used by others in the advisory and financial services industry.  It also gives you a little more detail about our general service offering, and additionally the services which you may not have known we provide, such as business acquisitions, mergers or exits up to $20 million in value.

As part of this new website we’ll be blogging updates and tips each month, rather than a traditional newsletter.

We’re also pleased to announce that for your 2017 compliance documentation, we’ll be using a client portal that you can login to:

  • Digitally sign your tax returns and financial accounts
  • Obtain copies of all your documentation from the 2017 financial year onwards.

Clients will be receiving activation emails over the coming months as we complete your compliance documentation.


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